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Types and distinctions of imported batteries

Source:http://www.gddalixin.com/gsxw/20.html   Release time:2020-10-07

At present, the Chinese market is flooded with many imported brand B-product batteries. The so-called B-product batteries are divided into "new B-product batteries" and "disassembled batteries":
    1. The so-called "brand-new B product batteries" can be defined in the following two categories:
    1. The first type is due to the excessive mass production of batteries, plus the limitation of storage and sales cycles, which leads to a large inventory of products. Due to the long time no charge and discharge process, the electrical performance is greatly reduced compared with new products. However, from the comprehensive consideration of the difficulty of cost, recycling and processing, and the demand of the B product battery market, the battery cell factory will define this type of battery as a B product battery and sell it at the price of the B product battery. The process of assembling into a finished product is inherently a brand-new B product battery.
    2. The second type is due to the needs of different customers in the mass production of batteries, which require unified parameter pairing of the batteries. For example, if N batteries are combined, then the N batteries need to be unified voltage, Capacity and internal resistance are matched. For batteries that cannot be matched or exceed the range of these parameters, it is impossible to send letters to customers through normal channels, but it is also from the comprehensive consideration of cost, recycling and processing difficulties, and B products. According to the demand of the core market, the battery cell factory will also define this type of battery cell as a B product battery, and sell it at the price of a B product battery. Since the battery is not assembled into a finished product, a brand new B product battery is inherent.
    Remarks: The above two types of brand-new B-type batteries, the second type is relatively larger than the first type, but in any case, quality and safety cannot be guaranteed, especially for the assembled finished battery . As we all know, the assembled battery requires strict pairing of the cells. There is no strict pairing. During the regular use, certain cells will be protected in advance, so that the entire finished battery cannot be operated efficiently. , If used improperly, it will also cause some safety accidents, such as explosion, fire, burning, etc. However, due to the flexible supply period and price of such batteries, they are widely welcomed by small PACK battery factories and cottage battery factories, mainly low-end customers and markets. In principle, the battery company will not guarantee the safety and quality of such batteries. Therefore, especially for high-end customers and high-end products, it is very important to choose a good battery cell and a formal battery supply platform!
    2. The so-called "dismantling of electro-mechanical cores" mainly refers to the fact that some domestic battery factories take into account the price issue and recycle foreign finished batteries, and dismantle and recycle internal batteries to form finished batteries. This type of cell is defined as a disassembled cell. In terms of appearance, the positive and negative caps have been spot-welded, and the appearance is not brand new, but after being assembled into a finished battery, users generally cannot distinguish it, but in terms of electrical performance, This type of battery has been used many times, so the cycle life is relatively far lower than that of the battery, and the user can’t distinguish it in the short period of time. The customer complained that the battery took too long. Short and claimed.
    Remarks: Since such batteries have been used, they cannot be guaranteed in terms of quality and safety. As batteries have been used for a long time, the cycle life cannot be guaranteed. After dismantling, there are also requirements for pairing. There is no strict pairing. During normal use, some batteries will be protected in advance, which will not allow the entire finished battery to work efficiently. If used Improper, it will also lead to some safety accidents, such as explosion, fire, burning, etc.; battery companies will not guarantee the safety and quality of such batteries. Shenzhen Dalixin Technology Co., Ltd. adopts imported batteries to develop and manufacture lithium-ion battery packs. All of them use the original A product batteries imported from formal channels including tax declaration, and resolutely put an end to deceive customers with shoddy charge or B product disassembled products. Happening.

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