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Application of Dalixin lithium battery in power tool industr

Source:http://www.gddalixin.com/gsxw/19.html   Release time:2020-09-30

In recent years, the power tool market has become increasingly large, with an annual demand of about 500 million batteries. Therefore, all countries are committed to developing green and environmentally friendly lithium-ion batteries for power tools. Lithium-ion battery is an advanced chemical energy storage device with significant advantages such as high specific energy, long cycle life and environmental friendliness. At present, European and American countries have clearly issued instructions to replace the batteries of all electric tools with lithium-ion batteries in 2016, and clearly ban batteries containing heavy metals such as nickel cadmium and lead acid. At present, China's power tool production accounts for more than 30% of the total output, and there are a large number of exports to Europe and the United States every year. This will be a huge opportunity for my country's lithium battery industry.
   At present, the high-power lithium-ion battery designed and developed by Shenzhen Dalixin Technology Co., Ltd. has entered the application of power tools. Dalixin’s battery uses ternary materials with good stability, lithium iron phosphate, and lithium manganate. Lithium cobalt oxide has obvious advantages. With its own research and development advantages, it has a place in the field of electric tools such as electric strapping machines and electric fixed torque wrenches.
   Lithium-ion batteries for power tools are mainly cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, which are generally used in combination. There are mainly 14500, 18650, 22430, 22650, 26650 and so on. Electric tools have a large current during normal use, and often encounter abnormal situations such as plugging and jamming during use. At this time, the current is large, so the requirements of lithium-ion batteries for power tools are different from ordinary batteries. The battery requirements are not only high-rate continuous The discharge performance must also have higher rate pulse discharge performance.
The R&D personnel of Dalixin believe that the power tool battery must have the following 4 characteristics in order to be a qualified lithium battery for power tools:
1. High power
  Lithium-ion batteries used in power tools generally require high power characteristics. Small power tools (such as screwdrivers, etc.) can be used individually, and the battery discharge requirement is about 5C. The use of the gun drill requires that the single battery discharge at a rate of about 10C, while it can be continuously discharged at 20C and pulsed at 30C.
2 Long life
  It is usually required that the single battery has 1C charge and 300 cycles of 10C discharge, and the capacity remains more than 80% of the initial capacity. At present, Dalixin’s lithium-ion battery has been able to achieve 500 cycles of 10C discharge, and the capacity remains more than 80% of the initial capacity.
3 High security
  The battery can pass safety performance test items such as acupuncture, squeeze, heavy object impact, etc. The battery should not fire or explode during the test. At the same time, the battery can also pass safety performance tests such as overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, high temperature, temperature shock, and low air pressure. The test battery should not fire or explode.
4 Consistency requirements
      Lithium-ion batteries for power tools are generally combined in series and parallel. In order to prolong the service life and improve safety and reliability, Dalixin Company requires high consistency among the individual cells in the battery pack. Consistency not only requires the performance consistency between the single cells in the battery pack at the initial stage of use, but also ensures consistent performance throughout the life cycle. At present, taking the 18650 battery produced by Dalixin Company as an example, the initial battery capacity deviation of the battery pack must be ≤20mAh, the voltage difference ≤5mV, and the internal resistance difference ≤10mΩ when used in power tools.
    As people's requirements for safety and environmental protection continue to increase, safe and environmentally friendly lithium-ion batteries will be widely used in the field of power tools. Lithium-ion batteries that can be used with a wide temperature range and high rate will also become the research direction of everyone. Since the power tool manufacturers have different understandings of the characteristics of lithium-ion batteries, the requirements for lithium-ion battery packs are also different, but the essential requirements for their use are not very different. The use of lithium-ion batteries in power tools has evolved from 3 strings to 8 strings and 10 strings, which puts forward higher requirements for the consistency between the single cells in the battery pack. The optimization of lithium-ion battery assembly technology will also become a new research focus in the future.

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