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What is the use of low-temperature lithium batteries?

Source:http://www.gddalixin.com/gsxw/27.html   Release time:2020-09-29

As electronic equipment has more and more varieties, more and more functions, more and more power consumption, smaller and smaller volumes, higher integration, more and more complex use environments, and more and more use temperature ranges of equipment Wide, usually -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, these products require that the power supply must have the characteristics of small size, light weight, high specific energy, wide operating temperature range, etc., especially for low-temperature operating performance requirements.

The low-temperature lithium-ion battery of this technology has a rated capacity of 1800mAh, which realizes continuous discharge at 0.5C at a low temperature of -40℃, with a knee voltage higher than 3.2V, and a discharge capacity of more than 85% of the rated capacity, and a discharge capacity of 0.5C at a high temperature of 60℃ Reached more than 90% of the rated capacity. It can meet the use of conventional electrical equipment in the temperature range of -40℃~60℃.

For low-temperature lithium-ion batteries, the positive and negative electrodes of the positive and negative electrodes use suitable particle size positive and negative materials to improve power performance. At the same time, fiber-type super conductive agents are used to establish a long-distance conductive network and improve the conductivity of the electrodes; Compression density improves the wettability of the electrolyte; in the electrolyte, by using organic solvents such as aliphatic esters and ethers with a lower freezing point, the electrolyte can still have higher conductivity at low temperatures, so it has a high Low temperature performance.

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