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Four taboos in the use of lithium batteries, have you ever e

Source:http://www.gddalixin.com/gsxw/21.html   Release time:2020-09-30

At one temperature, lithium batteries are afraid of high temperatures. Long-term overheating will greatly reduce the life of the lithium battery. In severe cases, the internal pressure will increase and cause an explosion. Even if there is no explosion, the lithium battery will be quickly scrapped in high heat. Most of the reason is due to the working environment. Caused by high temperature.

Two large currents, for example, the 18650 battery is 3C discharge, your electric car is 8000W, and the battery used is lower than the discharge current of your electric car. This will cause the lithium battery to have too high temperature, too much current and shorter life. There will also be a situation of bulging and scrapping. If your electric car is very powerful and fast, it is recommended to choose 18650 batteries with 10C current. It is obviously very important to choose a suitable battery!

Three full charge storage, the full charge of the three yuan lithium battery is 4.35V, the current maintenance board on the market is 4.2V and the charging is cut off, so many people buy lithium batteries for electric vehicles and say that they have no nominal capacity. In fact, this is the reason , Ordinary long-term storage of lithium batteries for electric vehicles, and a 50-half of the TV is good. For example, if you buy a new mobile phone, most of it is 50% of the power to turn on. If the full battery storage time is long, the lithium battery capacity will be reduced. Except for lithium iron phosphate and lithium titanate, these two types can be stored at full capacity. Also, you need to pay attention to choosing a better quality maintenance board. The taboo of lithium batteries is overshoot and overdischarge, and ternary lithium will be scrapped after one overdischarge. , The overshoot must also be scrapped.

4. Suitable charging equipment, during charging and discharging, the current of the charger and the ordinary current load of the electrical appliance must be within the regular range. Excessive current load can easily cause the internal short circuit of the battery, thereby destroying the lithium ion and triggering the circuit Safety hazards. The same applies to the voltage of the rechargeable charger. So when we use the charger, we should also pay attention to see if the charger is qualified.

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